Vancouver Parks’ Tennis Courts and Ratings

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Ratings explained at bottom of this page.

Almond Park, 3600 W 12th Avenue-2 courts
Andy Livingstone Park, 89 Expo Boulevard-2 courts + practise board on side fence
Arbutus Park, 7601 Arbutus Street-2 courts (on School Board property)
Brewers Park, 4175 Victoria Drive-2 courts + practise board in runback
Burrard View Park, 650 North Penticton Street-2 courts
Captain Cook Park, 3398 E 54th Avenue-2 courts
Champlain Heights Park, 3351 Maquinna Drive-4 courts
Charleson Park, rooftop, 600 Moberly Road-5 courts
Clark Park, 1500 E 14th Avenue-4 courts:
…..2 on 14th at Maddams
…..2 on hillside off 14th
David Lam Park, 1300 Pacific Boulevard-2 courts
Eburne Park, 950 W 71st Avenue-4 courts
Elm Park, 5800 Elm Street-2 courts
Garden Park, 1851 Garden Drive-2 courts
Granville Loop Park, 1435 W 5th Avenue-2 courts
Granville Park, 3001 Fir Street-4 courts
Grays Park, 4850 St. Catherines Street-2 courts
Guelph Park, 2390 Brunswick Street-2 courts
Hastings Community South Park, 3000 E Pender Street-2 courts
Heather Park, 702 W 18th Avenue-4 courts
Humm Park, 7250 Humm Street-2 courts
Jericho Beach Park, 3941 Point Grey Road-4 courts + practise board in runback
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park, 3300 Victoria Drive-3 courts
Kaslo Park, 2851 E 7th Avenue-2 courts
Kitsilano Beach Park, 1499 Arbutus Street-10 courts + practise wall *
Langara Park, 6706 Alberta Street-4 courts
MacDonald Park, 300 E 44th Avenue-3 courts
McBride Park, 3350 W 4th Avenue-4 courts
McSpadden Park, 2125 Victoria Drive-2 courts + practise wall in runback
Melbourne Park, 3530 Vanness Avenue-2 courts + practise board in runback
Memorial South Park, 5950 Prince Albert Street-4 courts
Memorial West Park, 4701 Dunbar Street-6 courts
Moberly Park, 7646 Prince Albert Street-4 courts
New Brighton Park, 500 N Windermere Street-4 courts
Oak Park, 900 W 59th Avenue-2 courts
Pandora Park, 2325 Franklin Street-4 courts
Queen Elizabeth Park, 4600 Cambie Street-17 courts + practise wall *
Riverfront Park, 2750 E Kent Street S-2 courts
Robson Park, 599 Kingsway-3 courts + practise wall in runback
Rupert Park, 1600 Rupert Street-4 courts
Slocan Park, 2750 E 29th Avenue-4 courts
Stanley Park, 2000 W Georgia Street-21 courts
…..17 at English Bay + good practise wall *
…..4 at Lost Lagoon
Strathcona Park, 857 Malkin Avenue-4 courts
Sutcliffe Park, 1318 Cartwright Street-2 courts
Tatlow Park, 2845 W 3rd Avenue-3 courts
West Point Grey Park, 2250 Trimble Street-4 courts

* These are venues at which one can usually find someone to play with at the practise wall, if one does not have a prearranged tennis date. Also very good for getting into pick-up doubles play.

Virtually all courts listed as having an asphalt surface with a blue on green paint job will have an acrylic “plexipave” type undercoat.

Notes on practise boards and walls:  “Runback” refers to the area behind a court baseline to the fence – room required by players wishing to retrieve deeply struck shots. “Practise boards” here refers to the wooden or composite slabs hung on fences, “practise walls” to cement block constructions.

Click here for a map of most court locations.

There are 175 tennis courts listed above. Please note that the two shown for Arbutus Park are on land belonging to the Vancouver School Board, adjacent to the park. They are in the School Board’s inventory of courts. All others fall under the aegis of Vancouver’s Board of Parks and Recreation.

Ratings explained:

Rating refers to condition of the courts. Evaluations have been done using the formula of:

1 = Courts are in good shape, no cracking or additional maintenance needed outside of routine general cleaning.
2 = Repair needed on courts, benches, and/or nets. May also need heavy power washing.
3 = Courts have root invasion and major surfacing issues such as large cracks creating unsafe play.
4 = Minimum, if any, playability based on major surfacing issues
5 = Hazardous or unusable courts.

Type refers to description of the court venue. The evaluations have been done using the formula of:

1 = Indoor courts
2 = Outdoor courts with lights
3 = Outdoor courts without lights & painted or has tennis surfacing: eg. Plexi-pave surface.
4 = Outdoor without lights & has no tennis surfacing. Generally has “parking lot” style asphalt.
5 = Outdoor “quick-dry” surface courts. (Dangerous playing surface when damp)

These criteria used for rating our public tennis courts is taken from a report produced by a committee of public court players, between March 2004 and late 2007. It was presented to Park Board staff in January of 2008. Click here for PDF.


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